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Its only a time before walmart crashes

July 23, 2010 on 9:13 pm | In bend over and I will show you | 22 Comments

Ok. So the other day I call walmart. I have nothing against slow people or handicap. But I get this person who can barely speak English on the phone. They transfer me to two incorrect departments, so I get transferred back each time. Then finally someone was like well I don’t know how to transfer you so I will have to walk over to the hardware department. Do you still want me to do that? I say yes please. Then they say it will take a really long time.  I told them thats ok.  So finally 5 minutes go by and they tell me they do not have any rivets or rivet guns in stock. So I was like really? then they got all defensive. So I was like what about Stanley tools. Then they put me on hold for about a minute and tell me no they do not. This is not the first time something like this has happened. I have been told they do not have car charger outlet plugin splitters to blue rays. This has happened everytime I ask for help at walmart. Any who.. I go into walmart a few days later and bam! Stanley tools oooh and whats this a rivet gun and rivets! With a competitor walmart will be the next kmart not unless they shape up.

Take a Hitler Test - How Hitler are you?

July 18, 2010 on 2:09 pm | In bend over and I will show you | 14 Comments Warning!! - Penis’s may show on this site. Haha but the test is funny…

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