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October 23, 2007 on 5:10 am | In beating off on business owners | 19 Comments

Ok… First this use to be more of a pg-13 site because of the google ads. I couldn’t say fuck or the why gay people will be the end of the human race. YES YOU GOT A FUCKING HOLE ITS ASSHOLE YOU ASSHOLE! But anyways the one ad company said they where switching me to adult because of dirty links at the bottom. So I said fuck you then took the switch. It is a bit nicer thought I can write about things that piss me off and things that I want to piss on. But anyways this guy has the best ad ever! I mean its wonderful! ( FREE PORN JERK! I may be a asshole but I’ll get you the best) Need lesson’s in advertising? Take one from this guy!


I see Perez Hilton and I only want more

October 21, 2007 on 4:39 pm | In beating off on business owners | 15 Comments

I see perez hilton and I only want more. No I am not gay, and I never have gay thoughts. But Perez hilton there is just something about where I only want to see more of his gayness. Like that one mtv commerical where hes singing in the pink hair.


Blogs and why they are so great

October 21, 2007 on 4:08 pm | In beating off on business owners, butt sex in bed twice a night | No Comments

Blogs are wonderful. Why? because I could jerk off on my site and you would keep on clicking right on through. But how do you get big? Well you can use a pump? Not a penis pump but a add pump to pump that traffic so you have a nice hard flow cuming out and getting all over your site, a big big surge of traffic. But say you do not want to use the pump? The next best thing is to steal stories from other peoples sites. Thats the best way and greatest way to go. Stealing! Yes just like jacking off in public. It can suck when you start because you have people looking at you and stuff but once you get that release of traffic just cuming all over the place it feels great! So go to yahoo or record something on tv and put it on your website and you will be getting so much traffic along with a few big lawsuits, but you will be on your way to the top with maybe a little more in the rear once you go to jail. There are prices to pay butt sometimes it might be worth it.

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