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I’m back sort of

May 15, 2008 on 5:29 pm | In shit in my mailbox | 24 Comments

Ok… Its been a while Sense I have wrote anything. I been petty lazy I probably won’t even

The US PISS office I mean US post office

October 30, 2007 on 7:42 pm | In shit in my mailbox | 19 Comments

I finally got my first electric bill within the past 2 years. So very nice. Every time someone sent me something in the mail they always got the little yellow stamp back saying sorry no such address is available so what i worked out with my electric company is I try to call them every month and if i forget which does happen every once in a while with all the drinking I do.. They will not charge me a late fee… I have taken some pictures of what my mail looks like.


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