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Never take your eye off the balls

December 3, 2007 on 8:13 pm | In nut meal | 11 Comments

Everyone loves baseball. The most important rule is never take your eye off the ball or in this case the homo on your team because chances are he has his eye on the wrong balls during game play.


The new gay palm tx

October 30, 2007 on 10:40 pm | In nut meal | 31 Comments

The new palm tx is like buttsex in your hand! It hurts a bit and stinks! But don’t take my word for it. Go out to a gay club and try it out for yourself. I had the palm tx for 6 gays months of my life. The tx just crashed. I called palmone company and they pretty much told me to fuck off or pay a asshole fee. If the palm tx would work it would be great! You have wi-fi which is a great hand held item for looking at porn with more privacy in alot of places where you would surely get caught with a laptop. Then there is blue tooth dialer which is great for calling all my hoes.  I give this product a 1/4 of a sack.


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