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Halloween Costumes - and I have the perfect one! ( Jackoffolantern )

October 2, 2007 on 8:27 pm | In halloweener | 5 Comments

alright i have been thinking large and hard about this all year and I think i finally found the perfect idea of what I am going to be this year!

A - Jackoffolantern - I know what you thinking! Your thinking that is a awesome idea!

Why? because its witty no one else will come up with this kind of idea. This is a bright idea. But my only is how to make it look so far I have a pumpkin and some lube, crisco, because i can always make a Crisco pumpkin pie.

here are the pictures -


over the next 2 weeks i will hard and to try to find something out. like what I am going to make exactly a jackoffolantern sounds pretty awesome but when you put it into a picture well thats different. If anyone has any ideas please suggest them.

Making Halloween Scarecrows

October 2, 2007 on 8:15 pm | In halloweener | 14 Comments

making the perfect scarecrows! -

Here are some examples -



Or you have the classic scarejew -


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