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The new gay palm tx

October 30, 2007 on 10:40 pm | In nut meal | 31 Comments

The new palm tx is like buttsex in your hand! It hurts a bit and stinks! But don’t take my word for it. Go out to a gay club and try it out for yourself. I had the palm tx for 6 gays months of my life. The tx just crashed. I called palmone company and they pretty much told me to fuck off or pay a asshole fee. If the palm tx would work it would be great! You have wi-fi which is a great hand held item for looking at porn with more privacy in alot of places where you would surely get caught with a laptop. Then there is blue tooth dialer which is great for calling all my hoes.  I give this product a 1/4 of a sack.


Stuffing a turkey for the whole family with love ( steps Included )

October 30, 2007 on 8:32 pm | In thanksgiving penis | 33 Comments

Stuffing a turkey for the whole family with love steps.

step 1. buy stuffing at the store

step 2. steal a turkey from anywhere

step 3. take off your pants and all your clothes so you can use your stuffing rod. ( this step is for men only)

I have added pictures in case you get lost.

serving size - a family of 5 cocks and 5 vagina’s


( turkey image has been removed due to buttsex rules from ad company)

Having sex with a Thanksgiving Turkey

October 30, 2007 on 8:17 pm | In whores only take stuffing | 20 Comments

Thanksgiving is coming right around the corner. One of the best holidays. A true holiday that shows thanks for letting us rape people and burn there villages to the ground. To really celebrate this thanks giving I would steal a turkey from the store. If the security guard stops you. You can just call him a savage. Sorry black people and other people this will not work for you. It will only work with white people. Truly celebrate thanksgiving the same way your ancestors did before in the past I know I am, but are you going to?

I added some thanksgiving holiday pictures.. enjoy!



( turkey image has been removed due to buttsex rules from ad company )

The US PISS office I mean US post office

October 30, 2007 on 7:42 pm | In shit in my mailbox | 19 Comments

I finally got my first electric bill within the past 2 years. So very nice. Every time someone sent me something in the mail they always got the little yellow stamp back saying sorry no such address is available so what i worked out with my electric company is I try to call them every month and if i forget which does happen every once in a while with all the drinking I do.. They will not charge me a late fee… I have taken some pictures of what my mail looks like.



October 30, 2007 on 7:15 pm | In whacking off on your grandma with a cain in your ass | 14 Comments

Free Porn Links!!

If you know of anymore please add them in the comments

tighten your vagina in 5 easy steps ( vagaina puss vagina wonder cave )

October 26, 2007 on 5:00 pm | In tighten my vagina in 5 easy steps | 15 Comments

How can i tighten my vagina?

Step 1. Stop being such a whore.

Step 2. Eat lots of lemons. ( I would suggest at least eating 13 pounds of lemons a day )

Step 3. Ask the doctor to stitch it up.

Step 4. Only have buttsex.

Step 5. Carefully use rubber cement.

Finally a new line of clothes for your cock.

October 24, 2007 on 12:49 am | In clothing for cocks | 2 Comments

Make your penis the most snazzy in town. Then when the time is right whip it out and show off that cock jacket. I have provided some pictures below.. Please contact me with your size. We have small, medium, large, and XXXLballs

We got thunder blue Nicolas cage style


White and Red


Summer breeze







October 23, 2007 on 5:10 am | In beating off on business owners | 19 Comments

Ok… First this use to be more of a pg-13 site because of the google ads. I couldn’t say fuck or the why gay people will be the end of the human race. YES YOU GOT A FUCKING HOLE ITS ASSHOLE YOU ASSHOLE! But anyways the one ad company said they where switching me to adult because of dirty links at the bottom. So I said fuck you then took the switch. It is a bit nicer thought I can write about things that piss me off and things that I want to piss on. But anyways this guy has the best ad ever! I mean its wonderful! ( FREE PORN JERK! I may be a asshole but I’ll get you the best) Need lesson’s in advertising? Take one from this guy!


tea bag

October 23, 2007 on 5:00 am | In proverb my penis | No Comments

To perform the tea bag, have the girl lay flat on her back. Then you squat over her with your hands on your knees, and gently dip your nut sac in and out of her mouth in a motion similar to performing some kinda fucked up yoga exercise.

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