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Jolly George Stories (Adventure 1)

November 3, 2007 on 6:36 pm | In Jolly George | 20 Comments

Once upon a drunkin can and some broken bottles slept an old drunkin man. This drunkin man was like no other drunkin man he had something special and it wasn’t the alcohol on his breath. It was a magical keg that could take him magical places. One day Jolly George stumbled off of his broken glass beer bottle bed and decided he wanted to go somewhere. So Jolly George ended up getting out his magical keg, but he didn’t know where to go. He had been so many places in life with his magical keg, or at least to what he could remember which would be about a few weeks. Jolly George knew he had to warm up his keg and his thoughts so he started pumping.. One glass, Two glass, three glass, four,  Jolly George said ” I am on a roll grrraahh grraahh ” Jolly George said it so loud that he woke up the magical troll that always came out of nowhere!! The troll should up and asked Jolly George if he could have a glass from his magical keg. Jolly George looked at the troll while hugging his keg tight with crossed eyes and said “troll what are you going to give me? ” The Troll looked back at him and said “have you ever been a troll?” Jolly George looked at him and said “what?” The troll said “put down your glass and let me show you what its like being a troll.” Jolly George looked at the troll crossed eyed for 5 minutes and burped out loud and said” So you can change me into a ggrrahhh troll? ” The troll just smiled and said ” I will show a place where all your wildest dreams will come true.  Now Jolly George never really believed in dreams. Jolly George believed in one thing and that was his magical keg. Jolly George hesitated but all of sudden and after the 7 glass in that first hour Jolly George got the biggest smile and his eyes straightened out for about 30 seconds. The troll knew it! He had never seen Jolly Georges eyes go straight ever. Jolly George looked at the troll and said ” ggrraaah You got it troll! Show me this magic you have.  The troll said to Jolly George that ” I will have to turn you into a troll yourself” Jolly George said yes please turn me into a troll. The troll shook his big greens ears and turned Jolly George into a big green drunkin troll.  Jolly George was now a troll and well on his way to troll land with the troll. Gggraahhh excuse me. Once they got to troll land Jolly George and the troll met up with other trolls. They played troll drinking games, sing troll drinking songs, and played the drunkin boo.  Jolly George loved playing drunkin boo because you would just pop out of nowhere with a beer in your hand be like HEY! gggrrrrraahhhh!  Jolly George Loved being a troll so much he told the troll never change me back! NEVER!!! You HEAR ME!!! Jolly George and the troll partied through the night. They partied hard! It was already 9:00 o’clock at night. Jolly George had to get home soon because his best friend Mary Jane and he had a 10:00 o’clock date.  Jolly George told the troll that troll he had to get going and told the troll about Mary. The troll had always liked Mary and was a bit jealous. So Jolly George and the troll went back. They where late by 7 hours but Mary Jane forgave them. Jolly George looked at the troll crossed eyed and said “Troll you are the best” while raising Mary Jane in his hand and putting his lips around her. Jolly George said “Troll, I want to be a troll. For now on you call me Jolly George Troll.  Jolly George Troll then gave the troll a gift which was Aunt Mary. Jolly George Troll and the troll became best of friends with the troll. Jolly George Troll finally let go his keg and let the troll take a glass.  They soon passed out into the night. Jolly George Troll learned about friendship, dreams, and what being a troll was all about. 

The End

No beer bottles where broken during the making of this story.

COMING SOON! Jolly George on tape! - We are trying to get Burt Reynolds. 

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