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Making Christmas cards for friends

December 9, 2007 on 10:01 pm | In Jingle my cock all the way | 12 Comments

This is to one of my bestest of buddies -

Front -


Back -


Marry Blue Balls to all!

Never take your eye off the balls

December 3, 2007 on 8:13 pm | In nut meal | 11 Comments

Everyone loves baseball. The most important rule is never take your eye off the ball or in this case the homo on your team because chances are he has his eye on the wrong balls during game play.


New Website!!!

December 3, 2007 on 7:58 pm | In grab your cock and laugh | 10 Comments

Ok.. I sometimes get alot of buttsex calls. No its not because I talk about buttsex and shoving things in peoples asses its because there are alot of gay people out there with phones who do not know how to use them… but anyway the other day I typed a number into google search engine.. and this cool site came up. I really like the pictures along the top. Jesus loves you but I think you’re an asshat. All I have to say if you are calling people and your number ends up on that site you should shove your phone up your ass.


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