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everyone loves cereal

May 15, 2008 on 6:03 pm | In watching porn at the library | 18 Comments

You can only buy this stuff in the ghetto.


Cock Sausage !!!

May 15, 2008 on 6:01 pm | In grab your cock and laugh | 14 Comments


Black Holes Figured out.

May 15, 2008 on 6:00 pm | In Smart ass or Just smart thinking | 20 Comments

blackholes  - which pull = dark matter = gravity which equals your force of the universe.

Just like Big Foot they do exist

May 15, 2008 on 5:56 pm | In Pussy Monters | 11 Comments

Pussy or pantie monsters.


The truth behind harry potter

May 15, 2008 on 5:54 pm | In why i get them from behind | 16 Comments

I think JK hit her own magical stick. I mean flying brooms and dirty magic. And professor snake? What is that? prooofesssorrr snake? Sounds like a bit to much magic to me.

How to be a peeping tom - a sack Exclusive tip

May 15, 2008 on 5:53 pm | In read this make you smart | 8 Comments

First off you will need a few things. You are going to need something to wear because you do not want to be caught naked. I know I know its probably more exciting to be caught naked but trust me you do not want to go there. Most people would say wear black. I would not do this as if you where spotted you might look suspicious so instead I would wear all red or a bright orange this way you could be like I am a hunter and I am hunting things. Depending on where you live in the world it could be big foot, tina turner, man bear pig or maybe star jones.

How to have sex for hours and hours with your woman

May 15, 2008 on 5:47 pm | In Pink Balls | 21 Comments

Step one - find a syringe

Step two - find Novocaine

Step three - Insert Novocaine filled syringe into womans pussy.

magic balls the gathering game

May 15, 2008 on 5:47 pm | In grab your cock and laugh | 1 Comment

magic balls the gathering game


Penis Fountain

May 15, 2008 on 5:42 pm | In PENIS ART ! | 14 Comments

Travel can be fun and exciting you visit famous places around the world, or famous things that look like other things.. Or unfamous things that look like things either way don’t hold your cock on this one.

Cock fountain






and then there was this!!! I just had to throw this in! hahahahahah




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